It’s my great honor to meet you.あなたにお会いできてとても光栄です。

Thanks for your cooperation.


私の個人的見解ですが、Thank you for your..のように、youを2回続けて使うのは間違いではないけど、あまりよくないように思います。どちらか一箇所にすべきだと思います。

上の例の違う言い方ですと、 以下のようになると思います。

Thank you for cooperation.

I appreciate your cooperation.


I appreciate your support and help so much.


I’m grateful that you take care of us every time


Thanks in advance!

よろしくお願いします! (先にお礼を言っておきます!)

Super! (たとえば相手がI will finish this task by the end of Januaryなどと言った際の返し).

すごい! 素晴らしい!

(Thank youよりも感情がこもってますよね)

It would be great if you send the deck to me

Please send me..よりも丁寧な言い方です。時にPleaseを使うと失礼にあたる場合もあるのでこの表現を使った方がいいと思います。the deck:ファイル(例えばプレゼンファイルなど)



I hope CCXou have all had a chance to look at our recent
numbers. They are very impressive. I am proud of both your individual
and your collective contributions to our sales effort. This is a very
exciting time to be working in this industry, with an opportunity for
us to make a difference in the market place. Keep up the good work.


John and George – thanks to you both and to everyone else involved
in this
rollout. It is a tremendous success from what I have heard, and not

Congratulations to all! I hope this is indicative of the process and
management team that is in place to push this and future rollouts
into the
marketplace smoothly.
I would be grateful if you make a decision.


I’m grateful〜の未来形ですね。これをやってくれると助かるからお願い!って内容を丁寧にお伝えしている感じです。