After more than 11 years the time has come for me to bid farewell to AAAA. I’d need a novel’s worth of space to adequately summarize all the products, experiences and people I’ve encountered during my tenure.

Suffice to say I’ve learned a tremendous amount since being here and I hope I’ve been able to repay at least some of the help, expertise and kindness I’ve received over the years.

Best wishes to all. My contact information is below, please keep in touch:

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Phone: 408-xxx-yyyy
AIM: Charlesxxxx



退職時のメール No.2

Subject: Goodbye from me

Just a quick one to say thanks & goodbye as today is my last day at AAA.

I joined the business over two years ago under the guidance and mentoring of Brad. I’ve had the privilege of helping shape (in a tiny way) some of the future thinking of the business and I’ve seen the business grow and change into something we should all be proud of. I’m really excited about what comes next for AAA.

I want to thank some individuals in particular whilst I have the chance.

Firstly, thanks to Brad for taking me on. I’m sure I was a risk (that I hope paid off). Thanks for the words of wisdom and the patience and a massive congrats to you and Frank for the new tiny person.

Jeccica A. Always wonderful to work with. Thoughtful, challenging and good fun. All the things I like in a workmate.

John N. Thanks for the coaching and word of wisdom wouldn’t know half the things I do without you.

Steven S. The source of all AAA knowledge and a good place to stop for a chat in a storm.

George. Keep the disco going, and enjoy the sunshine down under.

As you might know, I have a thirst for testing boundaries and trying new things so it’s fitting that my new home is where (if it’s possible) I think they are all more crazy than me. I’ll be traveling a lot in my new role, so I’ll be sure to come visit whenever I’m in a friendly city.

Best of luck in the future. You can reach me on all the usual channels.


退職時のメール No.3

Subject: Goodbye

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow (31st Dec) is my last day with this company. Before I leave, just wanted to take this moment to express my sincere thanks. It was an absolute delight working with each and everyone of you.

The learning and growth that I acquired while working here has been immense and I leave from here much wiser than ever 🙂

Keeping my fingers crossed that somewhere down the line our paths cross and I get to work with you all once again. Thanks again 🙂